Get Your Geek On!

Student All Access Subscription

Are you a student in a veterinary program? You can get all access to Vet Team Training for a low price!

Students Must Be From:
  • Accredited veterinary college
  • Accredited veterinary technology/nursing college
  • NAVTA approved veterinary assistant program

Proof of student is required at enrollment


If you sign up with your school email no further proof is required. 

Accepted Forms of Proof (One of the Below)
  • Sign up with your school email (easiest option!)
  • Current enrollment verification certificate
  • Screenshot of student portal showing current semester enrollment and/or projected graduation date. Name must be visible.

2) Email proof immediately after signing up (unless you used school email to sign up):

Failure to send proof will result in:
  • A lack of access until proof is sent (must be sent no more than 48 hours after signing up)
  • If you are not a student or cannot send proof you will receive an invoice requesting the remainder of the full subscription amount. Should you want a refund because an error occurred when purchasing this subscription you will receive only $35 back due to fees associated with processing the payment and refund.