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Everyone is welcome to learn here

Veterinary Team Training

VTT Offers Both On-Demand Education & Live, Interactive Courses. Everything is Included in the LOWEST Subscription Fee.

Education should be fun, affordable and obtainable.

No one offers more for your money!

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What Makes Us Special

Affordable Options

Vet techs and vet nurses are broke. We get it because we've been there. 

If you only want to pay for one course you can!

We also offer a yearly subscription to all our content which is cheaper than all other CE sites. 

Are you a student? Then you are extra broke! You get everything on this website for only $40/year!
Do you have a group? We have group rates!

It's Not Just On-Demand!

VTT has lots of on-demand RACE CE like every other online platform, but we also have smaller, live interactive courses!

Don't just listen to an instructor drone on for an hour!  Unmute yourself and ask questions! 

The instructor can challenge learners and engage with them more. 

VTT is the only online CE platform that offers smaller interactive courses as part of the subscription!

Top Notch Instructors & Content

We don't hire just any instructor to provide educational content. We hire only the best because we believe that's what vet techs and vet nurses deserve.

Everyone is welcome to learn here, but the only educators are vet techs and vet nurses.

Just like medicine, our content is always changing and evolving. Expect to see more content and speakers on VTT being constantly added.

First CE Site Dedicated to the Vet Techs/Vet Nurses of the World

Most other CE sites are owned and operated by veterinarians or companies. Not VTT. It's owned by a veterinary technician who is passionate about ensuring vet techs and vet nurses learn from those that understand them.

Guess what? Our RACE CE is approved for both doctors & techs! That's right! Our vet techs and vet nurses are approved to educate doctors because they are that awesome!

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What We Stand For

Veterinary technicians and nurses play an equal part of the care of animals.

This site showcases the awesome knowledge and skill of veterinary technicians and nurses.

Our educators are only veterinary technicians and veterinary nurses.

Vet techs and vet nurses should learn from those who do their job. 

Everyone is welcome to and can learn from the very best vet techs and vet nurses in the world.