A Space of Psychological Safety: Tradition of Honest, Open Communication
(RACE 1.0 CEU)

Creating a tradition of sharing openly and honestly is founded in trust. There may be buzz around the idea of “psychological safety,” yet how does a team go about making this a tangible part of their workday? Build a foundation of trust, communicate with care, share options and processes that support the team, and follow through. 

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RACE 1.0 Hours for Vet Techs & Vets (Non-Medical)

RACE Program #: 20-1195704

RACE Provider #: 50-36598

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Meet the Instructor

Rebecca Rose, RVT, CCC (Certified Career Coach), CPEP (Certified Peaceful Euthanasia Professional)

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Rebecca Rose has a diverse background serving the veterinary community as a credentialed team member and leader with over 37 years of experience.

She has worked in and managed veterinary clinics, collaborates with industry partners, authors articles and books, and facilitates engaging team workshops. She was recently appointed to the Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine as one of the first RVT Members.

Rose’s enthusiasm for professional development in veterinary medicine is contagious, as she encourages and supports veterinary teams in reaching their highest potential. She believes there are ample opportunities in veterinary medicine to build and maintain a healthy, sustainable life and career. Rebecca inspires and motivates with engaging courses and memorable storytelling, building on the synergy of those in attendance. 
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