Psychological Safety: The Fearless Organization
(RACE 1.0 CEU)

This lecture will explore the culture of psychological safety and provide each participant a blueprint to bringing this to life for their everyday practice. Initiation may sometimes be bumpy, but this informative discussion-based lecture provides a clear path for all types of leaders.

RACE 1.0 Hours for Vet Techs & Vets (Non-Medical)

RACE Program #: 20-1176682

RACE Provider #: 50-36598

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Meet the Instructor

Beth Armstrong, CVT, CVBL, CFE, CCFP, CFT, CTP, FT 

Beth began her veterinary career more than 20 years ago, working in specialty animal medicine and veterinary technician education. Over her career, she has taught certified veterinary technician courses.

Beth wanted to help others become credentialed veterinary technicians and sought to make an easier process for those studying to take the VTNE. She established her own business,VTNE Prep, which helps students pass their Veterinary Technician National Exam. Her full-time employment as a hybrid territory manager is with Trusted Journey, a company specializing solely in personalized cremation services and guidance for pet owners during their time of grief.

A graduate of Joliet Junior College’s Veterinary Technology program, Armstrong holds a bachelor’s in occupational and technical studies from Old Dominion University.

Need  to study for the VTNE? Check out Beth's site!: https://www.vtne-prep.com/
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