The 411 On Equine Lameness Exams
(RACE 1.0 CEU)

Lameness exams are commonly performed in equine practice. There is even a saying that there is no such thing as a horse that is 100% sound. Therefore, what is done during a lameness exam and why? What are the advanced diagnostic tools and tests that can be performed? What is the difference between all of the imaging modalities? Let’s discuss!

RACE 1.0 Hours for Vet Techs & Vets

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Meet the Instructor

Shana Filipek, CVT, VTS-EVN

Shana Filipek, CVT, VTS (EVN) graduated from Globe University and became a licensed veterinary technician in 2011. She started working at the University of Minnesota Large Animal Veterinary Medical Center that year and worked primarily after hours doing patient treatments and triaging emergencies. After 3yrs as an after hours technician, she moved to a day shift working on the surgery and lameness team in 2014.

For the past 9yrs, Shana has been the lead technician on this 3 technician team. As a surgery and lameness technician, her job responsibilities range from medication administration, catheter placement and fluid therapy and jogging lameness cases to obtaining advanced imaging such as radiographs, CT and MRI. In addition, Shana is primarily responsible for preparing surgery patients and assisting in surgeries. Shana went on to obtain a veterinary technician specialty in Equine Veterinary Nursing in 2015. Her advanced knowledge and skills are utilized every day and have benefited every aspect of her career in equine medicine. 

She now serves on the board of the Academy of Equine Veterinary Nursing Technicians and mentors new specialty applicants. Her greatest interests outside of large animal surgery are emergency medicine and hippotherapy. 

Shana has also co-edited a few textbooks for Elsevier:  Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians, 5th and 6th edition and  Large Animal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd edition. She lives an hour south of the twin cities with her husband and 11yr old daughter.  They have two dogs, a vizsla cross named Daisy and a field springer named Mazie. 
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