Unicorn Bite: Quick Bit of Learning

Dental Instruments: Types & Care of

Mary L. Berg, BS, RVT, LATG, VTS (Dentistry) shares three quick videos on understanding the types of dental instruments, what they are used for and how to properly care for them.

Three quick videos totaling 6.5 minutes 

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Meet the Instructor

Mary L. Berg, BS, RVT, LATG, VTS (Dentistry)

Mary owns Beyond the Crown which educates and trains teams on dentistry.
You can find her website HERE (https://btcveted.com)

Mary will come to your hospital to help train and educate your team on dental procedures and techniques. If you are interested in having Mary train and educate your staff, please reach out to her at: mlberg@btcveted.com

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About Mary:
Mary is a Charter member of the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians and received her Veterinary Technician Specialty in Dentistry in June 2006.  She completed her maintenance of certification as a VTS (Dentistry) in 2020. Mary worked in research for over 29 years, specializing in products aimed at improving the oral health of companion animals, and continues to work with companies to evaluate the efficacy of their products.  In addition to her research background, she was the practice manager and dental technician specialist at a general practice for seven years.  She is an adjunct at two distance veterinary technology programs and is currently the president of Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education; she has over 30 years of experience teaching dentistry to veterinary teams, using practical and easy to master methods. Mary is actively involved in NAVTA, AVDT, AVMA, AAVSB, F4VD, and KVTA.  Mary was named the NAVTA Veterinary Technician of the Year by NAVTA in 2020 and received the AVDT’s Excellence in Dentistry Education in 2019. In addition, Mary is a speaker and wet lab instructor at numerous state and national conferences. Mary lives on a small farm near Lawrence, Kansas with her husband, Doug,  and has two sons and four grandchildren.
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