Riding the Wave: Capnography Troubleshooting Made Easy
(RACE 1.0 CEU)

This lecture will introduce veterinary professionals to the capnograph, explain the parts of the waveform and how it relates to not only patient ventilation but also how capnography can give you valuable insights into cardiac perfusion. This lecture will also provide case studies with visual examples of capnographs and troubleshooting tips.

NOTE: This lecture was pre-recorded live. There are no interactive features (polling, Q&A) for the lecture on this website. 

RACE 1.0 Hours for Vet Techs & Vets

RACE Program #: 20-1034806

RACE Provider #: 50-36598

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Meet the Instructor

Tasha McNerney, CVT, CVPP, VTS (Anesthesia and Analgesia)

Tasha is a Certified Veterinary Technician from Glenside, PA. She is also a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner and works closely with the IVAPM to educate the public about animal pain awareness.

Tasha became a veterinary technician specialist (VTS) in anesthesia in 2015. Tasha loves to lecture on various anesthesia and pain management topics around the globe and was previously named a VMX speaker of the Year for veterinary technicians. Tasha has authored numerous articles on anesthesia and analgesia topics for veterinary professionals and pet parents.

In her spare time, Tasha enjoys reading, spending time with her husband and son, and recording the Veterinary Anesthesia Nerds Podcast. 

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