Unicorn Bites: Quick Bits of Learning

Bandaging Techniques by Brian's Bandages

Let's get to bandaging! Six quick videos showing different techniques:
(Note: Most of the videos have music playing, words displayed  and no narration)

-Thigh High Fiberglass Cast

-How To Make a Fiberglass Cast

-Narrated Cat Cast Placement!

-How To Keep Bandages from Slipping

-Feline cast (has narration)

-Feline Closed-Toe Bandage w/ Caudal Spoon Splint

Check out more videos by searching under author Brian Goleman.

6 videos (total time: 15 mins)

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Meet the Instructor

Brian Goleman, RVT

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Check out this Bandaging 101 Video HERE

Brian started as an emergency veterinary technician at a specialty hospital in 2017 and began working in specialty surgery in 2019. He became credentialed as an RVT in 2020. Brian has taught veterinary technicians in the DC Metro Area how to bandage for 4 years. He founded Brian's Bandages in 2021 after discovering the lack of quality continuing education resources for bandaging in the veterinary field.

Want to contact Brian? Email him at: Briansbandages@outlook.com
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